A little information before you start

As one year ends and another begins you reflect on life. 2017, was good to me and I hope I was good to it. Like everyone, I had good days and bad days, and thankfully the good days outweighed the bad. 2017 brought me a World Championship, a new belt, a new job and new outlook on life.

Since receiving my Brown belt, I have a new appreciation and love for a sport I’ve sacrificed so much for. It’s given me a drive, determination, and desire I never thought I could have. These life-changing events, winning Master Worlds and receiving my Brown Belt has changed me.

For many years I was satisfied with the life I had because I could do jiu-jitsu as much or a little as I wanted (and yes the latter never happened). After those events, I realized that you cannot have two masters and be happy. You can be content but that isn’t happiness. I decided I no longer wanted to serve two masters. There was only one I would follow, and that was my heart. And my heart led me to jiu-jitsu.

In November, I made the decision to walk away from the daily grind of working toward someone else’s goal. I wanted to write. I want to write about jiu-jitsu. I want to publish my stories. I want to teach children jiu-jitsu, how to defend themselves and to know you don’t have to be a “big” person or a champion to be successful in this sport.

2018 will be a challenging for me but as you all know I enjoy a challenge. I still plan and hope to be able to compete this year as much as I did last year. It will require hard work and determination that I’m not a stranger to.

I wish you all a Happy New Year. May 2018 bring you happiness, health, and success in everything you do.

Before I go I want to give you a little information about this site. I called it Littlethunder’s Rumblings. It is my thoughts and struggles about jiu-jitsu as well as a collection of my stories that have nothing to do with jiu-jitsu. Under the tab Rumblings, there are two drop-down boxes: Blackbelt Bound and Storytelling. Blackbelt is my jiu-jitsu journey and storytelling is well stories.

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